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What are the Best Business Backpacks? Top-Rated Businessmen Travel Backpack for Laptops 2019

Travel business backpacks are an excellent investment for anyone who is constantly commuting or flying around the world for their job. When you need to worry about convenience and getting through security, a backpack that was specifically designed to be slim, lightweight, and TSA friendly will provide many benefits for you. This is especially true if you travel with a laptop and need to keep that laptop safe and secure. In today’s world, business backpacks are also much more efficient than the traditional briefcase.

Backpacks have remained an essential aspect of traveling throughout the years, but their designs and features have greatly improved. Whether you travel, hike, or need a sleek, fashionable bag for your business, there’s a backpack out there for you that was developed for your specific needs. While this offers plenty of great options, it can be a little daunting to make your way through these options.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort conducting research and choosing the best backpack yourself; the ten best business backpacks currently on the market are described in detail below. Take a look to get a head start on your decision; each one is durable, high quality, and TSA compliant, ensuring that you get wherever you need to go for work safely and comfortably.

eBags Professional Laptop Backpack for Business **TOP PICK**5 out of 5 stars
SwissGear Travel Scansmart Backpack4.9 out of 5 stars
CoolBELL Convertible Backpack Messenger Bag4.8 out of 5 stars
Bopai Intelligent Increase Anti-Theft Backpack4.7 out of 5 stars
Everki Titan Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Backpack4.6 out of 5 stars

Features to Look For In Business Backpacks

When you’re investing in a backpack specifically for work and business travel, you’ll be looking at a much different kind of backpack than you would for hiking or a day at the beach. As you browse your options, keep these features in mind; your business backpack should have:

A special compartment for your laptop

There should be a single pocket specifically designed to hold your laptop in your backpack, and this pocket should be padded and secure. This is essential when it comes to keeping your valuable electronics protected and secure while you’re on the go. Any well-designed backpack will have a special compartment to accommodate your laptop.

Organization and accessibility

Organization is especially important when you’re traveling for business, since you want to reach in and be able to find your things right away. You’re likely to carry important documents and folders, so you need to be able to reach this easily, as well as find a pen and chargers for your phone. Many business backpacks come with plenty of pockets, designed to provide you with organization, accessibility, and convenience.

Carry-on ease

Everyone understands the pain of luggage fees and lost bags, as well as going through security. Your business backpack should be specially designed to ease your troubles and worries; they should be perfectly sized to function as a carry-on, and abide by guidelines that are set by the TSA. With a backpack like this, you can make it through easily and don’t need to worry about extra luggage. Some TSA-compliant backpacks also make it easy to unzip and take out your laptop without needing to take out anything else, and they lie very flat so you can easily store them underneath your seat during takeoff.

A sleek and stylish design

Many business backpacks are chic and modern, and you can use them not only for travel but also simply for the office and important meetings. You don’t need to worry about having a bulky, ratty backpack–these ones are stylish and compact, adding to your professional demeanor. It’s also easy to select a business backpack that perfectly matches your style, whether you’re creative or preppy.

Comfort and fit

These features are important to any backpack purchase, but are especially essential if you’re traveling or want to look professional; you can’t have something that’s clunky, painful, uncomfortable, or heavy. Look for backpacks that feature comfort and have adjustable straps so you can fit the backpack to your body. Some bags also are designed to distribute weight evenly, and feature mesh panels along the back so you can stay cool while you’re on the go.


This is especially important if you’ll be carrying your laptop, tablet, important papers, and other valuables. The best business backpacks will have anti-theft features such as hidden pockets, durable material, sturdy zippers, and secure compartments.  


If you know you’ll be traveling outdoors or you live in an area where it rains a lot, it’s essential to make sure your backpack is water resistant or waterproof. This way, your laptop and papers will stay safe and dry.

The Best Business Backpacks for Businessmen Travel

Now that you understand which features to keep in mind, take a look at the top ten business backpacks, outlined below.

#1: eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack for Travel, School, And Business

This slim backpack fits laptops that are up to 17”, and comes with a separate compartment for tablets, so you’re covered no matter what type of electronics you travel with. You can easily secure it to your rolling luggage with a sleeve, stow away the straps, and carry it off your back with side and top handles.

With a maximum capacity of 21.5 liters, the backpack comes with a pocket for your water bottle, compartments that are easily accessible, front zippered pocket, and a stash pocket inside the middle compartment to protect your valuables. It’s easy to carry everything and stay organized with eBags. In addition, the straps are adjustable and the back panel is made from air-mesh, padded material to provide a coolness to your back.


  • Compartments are all very useful, organized, and secure
  • Appearance and build is very sleek
  • Design is very professional


  • Water bottle holder could use some improvement
  • Backpack is heavy even when empty; many users felt that it is sturdy, yet hefty overall

#2: SwissGear Travel Scansmart Backpack

Ease all of your travel worries with this backpack by SwissGear. The laptop backpack is full-featured, roomy, and capable with an impressive capacity of 31 liters. It features highly durable ballistic polyester fabric that can stand up to prolonged use and bad conditions; SwissGear designed this backpack so you can have it for a long time. It was also designed to be very comfortable. The mesh shoulder straps are contoured, and the side compression straps are adjustable.

Its back panel is padded with SwissGear’s Airflow ventilation technology, so you can work and travel in comfort and support. If you have to fly for your business, don’t worry; the backpack’s ScanSmart technology helps it lay flat as you go through security and you stow it underneath your seat on the plane. It’s also TSA friendly and ensures a hassle-free travel experience. With separate compartments and a front U-zip pocket for quick access, this backpack provides you with everything you need.


  • 31 liter capacity
  • ScanSmart technology helps you get through the airport hassle free
  • Very spacious, organized, and sleek


  • Zippers tend to break very easily
  • Largest pocket does not open all the way

#3: CoolBELL Convertible Backpack Messenger Bag

With this convertible, multi-functional travel bag by CoolBELL, you can have both a backpack and a messenger bag to carry your things in fashion. It fits laptops up t0 17.3 inches and has enough room to hold up to three days of clothing and travel essentials. The leather material is genuine; you can even test it for yourself. Leather enhances the quality of this backpack’s zippers, as well as the overall grade of the bag with an exclusive appearance. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry and put on your back, with a top grab handle to grab and go.

An ergonomic design ensures that gravity is dispersed evenly, and with four outside pockets, you can organize all the times you need. The roomy compartment has a Telescopic belt that provides great protection for your laptop. If you want to get great return on your investment in a professional bag, CoolBELL is here for you–use the comfortable back strap system for a backpack style that’s light and convenient, hide the back straps for a shoulder bag, or use it as a fashionable messenger bag.


  • Convertible to provide you more than one option of carrying your items
  • Made from genuine leather material
  • Compartments are accessible and hassle free


  • Padding in the shoulder straps is not comfortable
  • Handles tend to rip over time

#4: Bopai Intelligent Increase Anti-Theft Backpack

You can rest assured that your laptop and other items are safe with this backpack by Bopai. An invisible pocket along the back provides a great place to safely put your wallet, keys, and phone, yet this invisible pocket is conveniently accessible with one pull of a zipper. Designed to also provide you with 50% more space, the backpack features Bopai’s intelligent increase design and its smooth zippers are of high quality, making it easy for you to use.

It’s also highly portable, with a back sleeve that you can slide over the handle of your luggage as you’re traveling. The microfiber leather and ballistic nylon material is durable and water resistant. It even contains a USB charging port and water bottle holder. No matter how far you travel or what your business is, this fulfills your needs with a fashionable and functional style.


  • Material is water resistant and durable
  • Anti-theft design provides invisible pocket for your phone and other valuable items
  • Great expansion capacity


  • Less room for laptops; holds up to 15 inches only
  • Liner in the main compartment may easily become separated

#5: Everki Titan Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Backpack

Everki’s backpack was designed to get you through security checkpoints easily and enjoy your travels hassle free. The backpack can open up to 180 degrees so someone can check through your things quickly and you can find and take out whatever you need. It fits laptops up to 18.4 inches in its laptop compartment that’s padded and ultra-soft, and its max capacity is an impressive 40 liters. The pocket for tablets is also soft and lined with felt, so you don’t need to worry about your precious electronics in this backpack.

Its weather cover is completely water resistant and protects against snow, rain, wind, and dust. The strap system features five-point balance, which distributes the weight of your items easily so you’re more comfortable than ever carrying them. With an ergonomic design, muscle strain is reduced, and the padded back panel features airflow channels for breathability. A pocket along the top gives you easy access to your phone or other gadgets. With Everki, your travels are comfortable and protected.


  • Ability to be opened up to 180 degrees for easy travel use
  • Large capacity: 40 liters and laptops up to 18.4 inches
  • Weather cover is water resistant and protects against the elements


  • Top handle is too small to fit over luggage handles for easy travel
  • Foam inside the straps may split

#6: Matein Business Travel Laptop Backpack

This backpack fits laptops up to 15.6 inches, has a USB charging port, and has anti-theft features so you can travel safely and securely. Matein aims for its product to be absolutely convenient for you, with a large luggage strap that hooks the backpack to your other luggage and padded shoulder straps that relieve stress and provide comfort. The backpack was designed to offer you plenty of pockets and space, with a separate laptop compartment, one main spacious compartment, and a front compartment with key fob hook for your smaller accessories.

Mesh pockets at the side are perfect for your umbrella and water bottle. An anti-theft pocket in the back is perfect for storing your phone or wallet. There’s a built-in USB charger and charging cable to offer you a very convenient way to charge your phone as you travel. The airflow back design features soft, ventilated padding, and the material is comprised of polyester fabric that is durable and water resistant, so you get a backpack that braves the elements and lasts for a long time.


  • USB charging port
  • Anti-theft pocket in back for holding phone and wallet
  • Soft, comfortable, and durable


  • Much less padding overall compared to other brands
  • Straps easily come out of their buckles and are hard to put back in

#7: Kopack Slim Laptop Backpack

Kopack’s slim backpack makes an excellent computer bag, as it’s water resistant and provides anti-theft features. It has an Anti-Theft Laptop Zone–a laptop compartment that was designed to be entirely hidden in the back of the backpack, which allows you to easily access your laptop without showing your personal or valuable items while you’re in public. The zipper of this compartment can easily be added to a lock, so you can lock up your valuables.

It also features a USB port that’s perfect for your USB cable to charge your phone, and an ergonomic, comfortable support system for your back. The S-shaped shoulder straps are padded and made from sponge and elastic. You can make adjustments to travel in perfect comfort, no matter how heavy the backpack is. The entire backpack offers you 17 different compartments so all your things are organized and you no longer have to dig around. With Kopack, you get a product that satisfies all your needs.


  • Features an S shape design in the back and along the straps for ultimate comfort
  • Anti-theft laptop compartment hides your laptop
  • Offers 17 different compartments for ultimate organization


  • Is not as waterproof as it claims to be
  • Material is not durable; seams tend to rip quickly

#8: Mancro Travel Laptop Backpack

This lightweight backpack is slim, lightweight, and fashionable. With a USB port and anti-theft features, it’s perfect for professionals on the go. There are two separate compartments for laptops and tablets, as well as three main pockets, nine small inner pockets, and two side pockets that are completely sealed. Everything is organized and at your fingertips, which means you’ll find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

You get a convenient way to charge your phone as you travel with easy-access charging, durable metal zippers that won’t break, and water repellent material. Its nylon fabric is durable and eco-friendly, as well as lightweight. The padded shoulder straps feature an S curve design, providing you with ultimate comfort. Best of all, a combination lock is included to protect your valuables from theft. Each item you bring will have its own space, and you’ll find that traveling is made easy with this backpack from Mancro.


  • Anti-theft combination lock included  
  • More than a dozen separate compartments for easy access and storage
  • Features eco-friendly material


  • Location of the USB cable inside the backpack is inconvenient
  • Two side pouches are not flat and cannot hold water bottles very easily

#9: KROSER Large Laptop Backpack

This backpack by KROSER makes a perfect casual backpack for all your business needs. Its high quality material repels water and is environmentally friendly, as well as durable. The larger compartments provide separate spaces for your clothes, laptop, tablet, and wallet. It fits laptops up to 17.3 inches, and was designed to be large to fit all of your items with high capacity. The computer compartment is specially designed with foam that provides extra padding, so you can rest assured traveling with your laptop.

The padded shoulder straps are adjustable, and your journey is made convenient with a knit luggage belt that secures your laptop bag to the rest of your luggage. Breathable mesh along the back ensures a comfortable fit. One of the shoulder straps also has a hook for you to hang your sunglasses or eyeglasses. Two side pockets are perfect for easy access and can hold your water bottle.


  • Designed for very large capacity
  • Padded foam computer compartment
  • USB capacity makes it easy to charge phones without needing to open the bag


  • The stitching is cheaply made and tends to come apart quickly
  • Zippers break and massive tears may develop

#10: YOREPEK Travel Laptop Backpack, Extra Large

This backpack was made to be extra large to accommodate all your traveling needs. There are 20 different pockets for both your small items and your large items, as well as three main compartments that contain hidden pockets that are perfect for accessories and valuables. The side zipper pockets are deep and perfect for easy access essentials such as your umbrella or water bottle. It’s also great for checkpoints and is TSA approved; you can unfold the backpack up to 180 degrees so you can take things out quickly and have it be searched easily if necessary.

In fact, the design was developed exclusively for airport travel. Use it for business travel, international travel, and riding public transportation. Not only is there a USB port, there’s also headphone access so you can keep your phone inside your backpack and still listen to your music while you’re charging it. It’s easy to carry the backpack with a sturdy handle that also attaches to your luggage. The material is durable and tear resistant, and the back features a unique U-shaped, 3-D ventilation design that helps to eliminate heat and encourage air flow. Overall, YOREPEK’s backpack is convenient, fashionable, and comfortable, and you can take it anywhere.


  • Designed for extra large capacity and for airport travel
  • USB port and headphones access
  • U-shaped, 3-D ventilation in the back encourages air flow and reduces heat


  • Straps tend to tear at the seam and dig into your shoulders
  • Not water resistant at all

Conclusion & What is the Best Business Backpack

Whether you’re traveling for work or would simply like to invest in a high-quality backpack that’s lightweight, secure, and safely stores your laptop, this list of the best business backpacks is bound to have something for you.  If you want our top pick, it has to go to eBags (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE).  Take into consideration your own needs–do you need an extra large traveling bag that has max capacity? Or do you have to get something that’s waterproof to ensure your laptop doesn’t get wet while you’re getting to work? Keeping your unique situation in mind will help you find the best backpack for yourself. Overall, the one you invest in should be slim, comfortable, and help you stay organized as it accommodates all your accessories.

Best Business Backpack in 2019
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