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Issac Lee Biography: Journalism & TV Producer

Isaac Lee is one of the leading world-renowned journalists and television producers in both the United States and Latin America. As the founder of Exile Content (a famous media corporation that was delivering premium news to both Latin America and the US), he was also a former Chief Content Officer for many other broadcasting companies. What’s even more, he also ended up creating and producing the shows “El Chapo”, and the HBO favorite, “Outpost”, and a few others. But who exactly is Isaac Lee? In this article, we’ll give you a little bit of insight on that.

The News Star

Isaac Lee was born in Colombia. Both of his parents were Jewish Immigrants, and they helped him become the man he is today. In the year 2000, Lee ended up coming to America from Colombia and five years later, ended up founding one of the leading media companies – Page One Media. He later bought two magazines from the Zoom Media Group and ended up relaunching one of them (many people remember the magazine PODER). When he eventually sold the magazine, he ended up making an agreement so he could still be an editor and provide editorial content.

Some of His Works

All the way since 2001, Lee has provided numerous incorporations to the press, and before he started writing for PODER, he was a columnist writing for the El Nuevo Herald in Miami just one year after he had moved to the Florida city at such a young age.

Even though he started writing for many columns in Miami in the year 2001, he actually already had experience in Colombia’s Revista Semana magazine (one of Colombia’s most popular zines to date). All the way back to New York at the ripe age of 25, he even had a mention from the New York Times (in 1996) that gave him undeniable credibility as a journalist writer.


After Isaac Lee Possin ended up buying the two magazines above, and under his wing, the magazines ended up winning numerous awards, such as the Florida Publishing association award for best design as well as winning in competitions for the best lifestyle magazine, as well as earning the title by winning the Folio award and even the Freedom Press award  Inter American Press Association for a popular story he had written.

Education is important

Did Lee go to college? Yes, he did. He attended specialized courses in publishing, and even negotiation and conflict resolution from both popular schools, Stanford and even Harvard University.


Though he may appear to seem under the radar when it comes to Latin America’s voice of people who dominates the writing scene by providing his work well. He is always there for you or he’s not the top journalist to be the voice of both Latin American’s everywhere, as well as everyone out there. If you wish to view some of his works, you can easily still look forward to seeing them in his best element in PODER magazine.

Isaac Lee Biography
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