Top 10 Shady Business Practices


’Money runs the world.’ As time passes, this saying becomes more relevant in our society. With money comes power and with power comes the opportunity to make more money. In other words, everything revolves around money these days. For this reason, people are struggling each day to make money. However, the more people working hard towards becoming millionaires and billionaires, the harder it is to make that single dollar that will get them to the heights they are seeking. The struggle eventually leads several people to begin looking into shady means of making money. This has made it difficult to trust businessmen and women at first glance. However, as people become warier, businessmen are coming up with savvier ways to meet their money-making agenda. Such shady business practices include:

Giving wait staff minimum wages

Most organizations with waitresses look to hire tipped employees. Proper organizations have to be compensated in case they do not meet their least minimum wage in the number of tips they make in a weeks’ time. Some organizations, on the other hand, do away with such policies and let their tipped employees suffer the weight if their tips do not meet minimum wage amounts. Others go as far as to pay their employees over wages in order to push over the minimum wage. This gives them the legal right to confiscate the staffs ‘tips if they want to.

The check engine lights on vehicles

This is a tactic some individuals use to make sure that they make money from repairs. What happens is that they tamper with the dashboard in order to make the check lights keep revealing problems. The aim is to boost their sales by duping clients into thinking that their vehicles have issues.

Prize promotions from car dealerships

These promotions are aimed at getting clients into the dealership doors by giving prices that are not related to vehicles but are to be claimed at the dealerships.

Debt Detectives

Collection agencies call their targets pretending to be debt detectives threatening legal action if debts are not cleared. They mostly leave voice messages asking the target to call back. Once they call back, the call is transferred to the collection agency who in turn offer to make the problem go away if the debt is cleared. This is a trick to get the debts cleared.

Irrelevant insurance

Businesses have come up with unnecessary insurance and protection plans for the most irrelevant items. Such items as wireless computer mice, Lego sets and other items that are of quite a small price are used to dupe clients. The aim is to get them to get an insurance plan and when they come to collect to make the process hectic that the client will end up opting to just pay for another item as the items are already cheap, to begin with.


Other such practices include:

  1.    Rental plans which at the end cost way more than the original price.
  2.    Fake sales where fake prices are used to lure unsuspecting buyers.
  3.    “If you don’t act now,” used to push prospective clients to make purchases that were never urgent.
  4.    Adverts of products whose quality is way lower than what’s advertised.
  5.    Threats intended to force purchases of products.


With knowledge of and on such practices, you can save yourself the burden of being taken for a fool for the benefit of businessmen.

Top 10 Shady Business Practices
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