The Americas Business Council Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides a platform for the region’s emerging leaders – from leading CEOs to policy makers and artists – to use their influence, networks, and resources to level the attention on the region’s most pressing challenges while assisting to find tangible, compelling solutions that bring about lasting positive change in their organizations and communities across the region.

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Mission – We focus on providing long term continuity to the attention and resources destined to addressing decisive issues in the Americas, as a catalyser for changing government priorities and shifting public interests.

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We follow a four stage iterative process:

  • 1. We seek to identify decisive issues in the hemisphere where we can act and make a positive, sustainable and quantifiable long lasting impact.
  • 2. We identify and invite new leaders from the entire hemisphere to join our diverse and multi-experienced group of abc* fellows.
  • 3. Through forums, meetings and field trips, the fellows interact with world experts to discuss these issues, learn how to address them cohesively and from their individual fields of expertise, and identify and select specific initiatives in which we get involved and invest our resources, as part of our portfolio of projects.
  • 4. We define timeframes and benchmarks to closely monitor the progress made and revert to 1.

ABC* hosts forums that cover three broad areas of focus:

abc*’s focus on the People is intended to promote fairness, equality and prosperity for all people while eliminating any existing social, gender and racial boundaries.

abc*’s focus on the Planet encourages sustainability and preservation of the environment.

Continuity is more likely to be achieved through the long term support of individuals and private organizations; as such, abc*’s focus on Philanthropy highlights the importance of personal responsibility and the value of civic engagement in achieving long term goals of great benefit to all.