abc* was founded by the PODER team in conjunction with some of the leaders of Latin American media and business who desire to create a stronger culture of philanthropic engagement among the emerging leaders in the Americas.

abc*’s founders believe in the power of individual action to transform society. As technology permits people around the globe to become increasingly interconnected, abc* sees a unique opportunity to bring influential people together and find real solutions to the challenges that face the Americas.

With this in mind, the abc* was formed as a catalyst for social action with the goal of motivating a new generation of leaders to build a tradition of philanthropy and civic engagement that will define the Americas into the future, by bridging the gap between current and upcoming leaders to foster transfer of knowledge and expedite the consolidation of their individual achievements and their capacity to generate a positive impact.


EMILIO AZCÁRRAGA, Chairman and CEO, Grupo Televisa

Emilio Azcárraga Jean is Chairman and CEO of Grupo Televisa, the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world, and the founding member of the Americas Business Council Foundation. Since he took control of the Grupo Televisa at the age of 29, Azcárraga has grown the company into one of the most prominent media conglomerates in the world, and has used its success to launch the Televisa Foundation, whose members work alongside policymakers to produce socially responsible programming messages. Azcárraga’s commitment to social responsibility is further reflected in his support of the Teleton, Mexico’s most important effort to provide support to handicapped children, and Espacio, a high-profile event that brings together Mexico’s college population.

ANGÉLICA FUENTES, President and CEO, Grupo Omnilife

Angélica Fuentes Téllez is one of the most influential women in Mexico and Latin America due to her proven track record as businesswoman, her influence in development of public policies in the energy sector, and her philanthropic commitment with community, women from Latin America and the arts.
For 20 years, she served as General Director at Grupo Imperial. Her outstanding work put her on the head of the energy sector, as President of Mexican Natural Gas Association and President  of APEC Energy Business Network. In 2002, she received a Presidential Award from  Vicente Fox Quezada, for her outstanding leadership.
At the present, Angélica is the Executive President of Grupo Omnilife- Chivas, that lead by her recently ranked among the 200 most successful companies in Mexico. This is a highly diversified group of companies, which is present in 19 countries. It offers products for health, entertainment and beauty, from top brands: Omnilife, Angelíssima, Las Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara and Chivas USA. Angelica´s strategy in Grupo Omnilife-Chivas was institutionalization, organizational restructuring and aggressive financial restructuring. This strategy resulted in the optimization of resources, increased sales and, as consequence, significant increase in return on investment.
As a woman, Angélica has fought for more than 25 years to make way for Latin American women in the business world, teaching them to believe in themselves and to achieve results. She has spread her message about empowerment around the world, by the means of conferences and seminars, lectured before  audiences  of  thousands of  women. In addition, she has a weekly radio program named “De Corazón a Con Razón” (From Heart to Reason), where she shares her experience as an empowered woman.
Angélica was born in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, she has a Finance Degree, granted by the University of Texas. Angélica lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco. She is married to renowned businessman Jorge Vergara, and she has had her first child, Valentina.

GUILLERMO ROMO, President, Grupo Mega

Guillermo Romo is the President & CEO at Grupo Mega and a founding member of the ABC* Foundation. He was the sixth-generation in his family to own and run the 136-year-old business. As a successful young entrepreneur, Romo is dedicated to promoting transparent and honest business practices.

Romo has devoted much of his career to diversifying his family’s assets, particularly in the financial industry. He is currently a majority stakeholder in Grupo Mega, one of Mexico’s leading businesses that offers comprehensive and varied financial solutions for business sectors that have not found an adequate response from existing financial systems. Additionally, he is a majority stakeholder in Millesime, a private Swiss investment company, and a shareholder in the Miami-based broker-dealer, Global Securities, which has a strong Latin American presence through its regional broker-dealers.

JORGE VERGARA, Chairman, Grupo Omnilife

Jorge Vergara Madrigal is one of the most prominent business leaders in Mexico due to his great business vision and the strong market penetration of his products. He is considered the founder and conqueror of multi-level marketing in Latin America. Jorge Vergara is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupo Omnilife-Chivas since its foundation in 1991.
In 2007, Jorge Vergara joined  forces to  innovate and restructure financial and operational endevors of group  experience with his current  partner and wife, Angélica Fuentes.  As a result, Grupo Omnilife-Chivas ranks among the 200 most successful companies in Mexico.
Jorge Vergara’s philosophy -“shared wealth creates more wealth”- has reached millions of  people, changing their life by the means of “using and sharing” the Omnilife products, with more than 5 million of entrepreneurs who distribute Omnilife products around the world. Jorge Vergara is convinced that sport is essential to encourage young leaders. Therefore, in 2002 he acquired the Chivas de Guadalajara Soccer team; then he founded Chivas USA. In 2010, the Omnilife Stadium was opened, becoming a Mexican architectural icon.
Jorge Vergara also puts his effort into long-term philanthropic programs, supported by Fundación Omnilife, for instance: Educare, an ambitious education program. As an enterprising man, Jorge Vergara shares his experience in the business world with Omnilife entrepreneurs, young people and world leaders.